Secret Shopping with Action Report

Discreet and in depth secret shopping process with action report

Want to test your current offerings for specific dietary needs and current food trends? Let me shop your property and see how you handle guests’ needs and requests in comparison with your key competitors.

This dynamic and venue-customized service is done on location to provide you with the most tailored feedback and will focus on:

  • Food Offering (does it match the current dietary trends and needs?)
  • Service Quality
  • Staff and Management Competency
  • Behavioral Approach with Guests
  • Operational Procedures (Check In, Registration, Ordering)

The audit begins with an analysis of your operations from a bottom-line perspective. Before ever arriving at your venue, I will analyze your food services and menus and develop a thorough understanding of your offerings.

Once onsite, I will interact with key staff members, observe service and kitchen functions in action and attend meetings (if applicable) between managers and staff.

At the end of the process, you will know where your resort is today, where it needs to be, how it can get there, and what tools, resources, and procedures it must implement to improve profits and guest satisfaction.

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