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    Food allergies and intolerances are on the rise, and the luxury hospitality marketplace must become a leader in accommodating guests on special diets!

    The sophisticated, modern luxury guest is passionate about clean eating in a variety of forms. Get your food offering up to speed to match the latest dietary trends.

    Get your food offering up to speed with the emerging ingredient trends. Design new dishes and refresh existing ones positioning yourself ahead of the curve.

95% of Luxury Resorts Fail to Impress the Health-Conscious Traveler

After visiting 100+ luxury resorts in 25 countries, only 5 of them lived up to the standards outlined in our 200+ parameter Secret Shopper Protocol. A mystery shopping screening, done by a professional that thinks like your customer with dietary restrictions, can help your hotel improve its services by avoiding these common failures:

• Failure to attract the modern, health-conscious traveler by not offering nor marketing enticing healthy, free-from and trendy food options both on the website and social media.

• Failure to survey your clientele upon arrival to understand their dietary needs and preferences, and craft personalized dining experiences.

• Failure to create specific gluten free and plant-based menus with eclectic options, from appetizers to desserts.

• Failure to provide adequate basic substitutions for those on special diets, such as: handmade gluten free bread and vegan butter, nut-based cheese, vegan egg omelets, gluten and dairy free assorted pastry baskets, gluten free vegan cheesecakes and pies, keto carb replacements, gluten free plant-based burgers, dairy free yogurts, fermented drinks, adaptogen lattes, nightshade-free sauces and more.

• Failure to create a sense of security for guests on special diets who are waited on by unsure staff members who constantly need to check with the chef about ingredients.

• Failure to customize the mini bar for guests on gluten free, plant based and sugar free diets.

• Failure to implement inter-departmental communication and strategies to ease the guest experience and not annoy them with repetitive questioning.

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Here's how we can help:

Wholesome Lux’s mission is to provide cutting edge brands in the luxury hospitality sector with effective tools and guidance to:

Know your customers’ preferences and add tailored touches to the way they consume their dining experiences by offering them unique and personalized luxury to the health-conscious traveler.
by reviewing the current modus operandi, creating a personalized report and providing feedback that refocuses the brand’s approach to specific diet customization.
Be up to date with the current “free from”, clean and healthy eating needs and trends (gluten, dairy and sugar free, paleo, keto, raw, vegan and autoimmune diets) and match your customers’ highest expectations.
Use simple strategies and replacements to easily adapt your menus to specific dietary needs and preferences.
Align your current food offering with the emerging ingredient and nutrition trends and close the gap between your menus and today’s booming fads.
Set yourself apart in the luxury hospitality market with a diet customization that starts prior to the guests’ arrival and includes every facet of their experience, and that is wisely incorporated into your communication and marketing strategy.
Overdeliver by providing your guests with the quintessential luxury: extreme customization, and craft personalized dining experiences that can create lasting memories and turn your customers into loyal fans.

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