Market Reaserch & Stretegy

Consulting with your marketing team to make sure all improvements are appropriately communicated to attract new health-conscious travelers

Before arriving on property, we oversee the market research on the latest health food trends (as well as your own compiled data if available) and ensure that concept development and menu redesign match the current consumer’s preferences.

After working with the Food & Beverage department, we engage in a brainstorming session with your in-house marketing team in order to:

  • Include the new health food principles we designed together into your marketing plan to make the consumer aware of your distinguished offering
  • Ensure your SEO strategy includes the new “healthy” and “allergy-free” aspect of your services allowing your business to rank high on Google for specific searches related to healthy/special diets and luxury travel so that you can attract a new base of clientele.
  • Make sure that the healthy and allergy free message you advertise to the public is consistent with the food and service you provide so that you can safeguard your brand’s integrity.

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